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IMG_3666Rebecca’s massage therapy practice began in 2009 in Asheville, North Carolina. Studying massage was a culmination of a lifelong appreciation for natural healing modalities including yoga, acupuncture, herbs and enjoying the great outdoors. Deep tissue technique was her first focus, but she soon became intrigued by all she learned about the body’s innate and intrinsic ability to heal itself, and she continued her education. She received her Associate’s Degree of Massage Therapy with a focus on CranioSacral, Oncology Massage, and Lymphatic Drainage, and she is endlessly fascinated by how these techniques gently facilitate healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Rebecca enjoys offering a massage highly tailored to each person’s needs and she strives to utilize her diverse skill set to meet that goal. Rebecca believes every person deserves to feel beautiful and happy in their body, and is greatly honored to be a part of her client’s self care journey to a healthy and vibrant mind, body and soul!